What is LinguaPix?

LinguaPix is a database of picture naming norms developed as part of a crowdsourcing mega-study financed by the Fritz Thyssen Stiftung. Its major aim was to address the shortcomings of the available picture datasets used in psychological and linguistic research by creating a new database of normed colour images that researchers from around the world can rely upon in their investigations (see Preview). In order to do this, we employed a new form of normative study, namely a megastudy, whereby 1,620 colour photographs of items spanning across 42 semantic categories were named and rated by a group of German speakers (and are currently evaluated by a group of Dutch, English, Polish, and Cantonese speakers). This was done to establish the following linguistic norms: speech onset times (SOT), name agreement, accuracy, familiarity, visual complexity, valence, and arousal.

Details regarding data collection, analysis, and database design can be found in:
Krautz, A. E., & Keuleers, E. (2021). LinguaPix database: A megastudy of picture-naming norms. Behavior Research Methods, 1-14. https://doi.org/10.3758/s13428-021-01651-0

Database Access

Access to the LinguaPix database requires a free registration. German, Polish and English data is already fully available. Dutch and Cantonese data will be added subsequently. Some of the images in the database are copyright protected. A free licensing agreement can be signed to gain full access to these images. Further information is available after signup.